Whats the Difference?

In connection with the Death of Delhi’s Rape victim in Singapore, I write this blog with great outrage. But what is it I get with outrage ? Nothing ! except for some frustration that would direct me to the nearest Tea Stall to get a cup of tea. This morning, I woke up to the news of the death of the girl.

People on Social Networking Sites are condemning the incident and offering condolences online. Some have gone to the extent of expressing the outrage on facebook(atleast showing the outrage verbally by some unparliamentary language). News channels are trying to do everything possible to instigate common man in a filmy fashion.

You might just feel, what is the author upto. Yes, I have a problem with all these.

1. Social networking has given every person a good readership where people vent their anger out. Before venting such things, I seriously doubt the credibility of those showing outrage on social networking sites.

A highly corrupted Individual who I professionally know likes ” India against Corruption By Anna Hazare and Arvind kejriwal” and most news articles on them are reposted on facebook by this Individual.

Some womanisers and philanderers I know from a good time appeal to people on social networking sites to admonish those taking into such acts against women in public.

2. Memory of all these people is very short. How many of you remember that a girl was molested in Assam during the late Hours of a Saturday a few months back after which something similar to these online outrage on social networking sites has taken place? There have been number of issues in past as like this which made headlines for a few days and have sunk without trace. How many of you remember who is the president of India. It is not Ms. Pratibha Patil, it is Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

3. All this outrage does not yield any solution. At the most, people would organise a memorial or walk in memory of the victim. People speak a lot , but do nothing. Since, it does not make any difference to their life style.


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