Money.. What does it make you feel ?

        Money , excess of it makes you go haywire, lack of it makes you feel insecure. Nowadays, I feel that I live in a time where having money makes people a lot insecure ( I am no exception).

Person who is short of money looks for ways to earn money to make himself and his family secure. Person having an excess of it becomes a lot greedy.



Living a dream

          People around me tell me many a time that I sometimes deprive myself of a good number of things in life voluntarily which I could have afforded. Of late, I have realised the same and this can be attributed to the enigmatic delight that one experiences on having or experiencing that they have actually dreamt of. One such great example is me buying a laptop which I could have afforded even one year back. Yes, I am living a dream of having spent decent amount of time productively on the laptop courtesy , internet which I could have done long ago.

       Now that I have a laptop and my interests are suddenly proliferating from some corner of my grey matter. Hopefully, should make things more productive and my time spent should be much more meaningful. I put myself a 6 month target to assess the progress of quality time spent and the way spent to be productive. This post is a kind of warning which should signify my actions on this laptop.