Reviewing movie reviews

Earlier , when there was no proliferation of internet and access to information at fingertips , there were very few newspapers which had a dedicated column for movies or movie reviews. People used to go to movies for that one reason or more which attracted them towards the movie. Today, the situation is totally different with movie reviews actually having a say or substantially influencing the normal movie goer’s decision. Movies these days, are judged by a good number of people and whose views spread sporadically. These second grade movie critics are blessed with great attention to detail that they give some absurd scores like 3.25/5 which, to me reminds of Pi, Plancks constant etc.

In my opinion, a movie belongs to a genre which caters to a section of audience . A movie cannot appeal to everyone. These second grade movie reviewers are so pathetic that they do not even know the genre properly. Young women who have their share of followers(flowers) on facebook, twitter etc; dont control their urge to share their opinion on these sites. They watch a movie that is targeted at families and complain that the film is slow. They watch an action film and complain about the overdose of action and sensuality. They watch an offbeat film and find it extremely insipid. A movie in my opinion is a commodity which is to be experienced by oneself like I might like Masala Dosa at a particular restaurant where my best friend would not like it. But the positive takeaway after seeing this second grade reviewers is the fact that I find myself a lot more sensible after seeing their reviews.

Hopefully, one day I will review these second grade movie reviewers’ reviews.