F?@K Knows

From the exclaimed expression of yours staring at the screen, I get that you don’t have a clue of what the first word of the title means.  In fact, there is a book(fair to call it one) written by Shailendra Singh with the name. I am actually quite high after reading it for half .  Mind you, I am just half way through and I request the Inactive activists of ” ET Against Half Knowledge” not to vandalise this post of mine. I am high because the book to an extent reflects my thoughts and life and I am happy to know that one person, in fact a person from the field I love, advertising concurs my thoughts on life. On the other hand, I pity myself for not having genuine faith until it was reinstated after being through the first pages of the book.

I am not a critic and I don’t give a clue of what reading the book feels like. there are dedicated websites for the same and I don’t want to dent their income. Most books are about success stories and life lessons. There is a page where the author describes his small talk with Sachin tendulkar about his passion for cricket which is the impetus for him to score every time he goes on to the field. There are successful people in every field and people discuss these with great enthusiasm.  In my opinion, only success stories come out in the open, stories of failure are not discussed , rather not mentioned as failing(as I mention, not failure) is a social taboo. Man is not a failure, he/she has failed that’s it. People who have failed do not have the gut to come out and accept it. There might be many like Sachin tendulkar who have not seen the light. Their stories do not come in the open .


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