Not Bad – 2013

Refers to the year 2013. The first time, I’m trying to blog a chronicle of the year 2013. The year as I remember started with the movie “Ko ante Koti” and ended with “Biriyani”.

My attitude at work place changed from ” I should be working more in the office, feeling guilty for not having done enough work” to ” God, please give me 5 minutes of time for myself in office.”

This year began myself trying to make Biriyani, Bisi Bele bath for dinner, which apparently became a spice flavoured Halwa which made me change completely to depend on Hotels for food by the end of the year.

I started with 10,000 steps a day this year for exercise alone and I finally am walking less than 2500 steps a day by this year putting all means of walking together.

January made me think about various means of entertainment for engaging myself back home in Adoni, while in December, I was thinking of some gap of free time so that I could spend some more time for myself back in the room.

This year began with Happy moments like wearing those old trousers which gave me a feeling that I have become thin and ended on the sad note that the new trousers and shirts were no longer worthy to occupy a place in my wardrobe.

Began to take some steps to achieve financial freedom and felt happy in saving 20% of my monthly salary every month in January. Now I am saving close to 30% and I just feel this is not enough at all.

The most drastic difference was a change in my image in my circle. The straightforward dumb guy made way for the pestering chap.

Ah..Yes! Romance..was very much on the cards in my dreams, and in reality, never ever found that. Still remains an enigma.




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