Status Quo – 2

One of the few good things that has happened in the recent past is the insecurity that has loomed over after I have managed to clear two of the three papers in my professional examinations. Insecurity after passing an exam? is. Only because of the fact that the new entrants to the organization, my juniors to be precise we able to clear all those which took me a good one year to complete did that in a jiffy, which other wise is a herculean task. Just after I heard the news, I thought that the evaluation must have become very liberal, then it stuck me that it is only because of the liberal evaluation that I have managed to pass the two papers. Yes, the creeping insecurity, I thought should become an impetus for me putting in more effort for my exams scheduled sometime next month. But it made me delete most of the movies in my laptop to create a self constructed boundary of discipline. Neither has helped me to take the next step forward ,  I am alone to be blamed for not having put enough effort to overcome the complacency.

Have bumped on a question in quora which goes this way ” What is the best or the worst thing that has happened to you?”. I have read a good number of answers and some very good ones among them. What stood out in every experience or the answer rather is the fact that every success has come after failure . Hence, failure and success both should be recognised for a better tomorrow. Other miscallenous things include my rants on facebook showoffs, movie reviews which definitely are keepinge to me occupied for the day and helping me realise the importance of not being overly active on facebook or any social networking site rather. Not to forget the small drive to Shamshabad airport on my brother;s bike, a Yamaha FZ 16 which made me immensely happy after having got to gaze on a gamut of new cars that made their way to airport.


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