My First, Last and Only Movie Review – “1”

                 After reading this post of mine, my readers and myself opine that I am not cut for movie reviews. All changed with the Movie(Telugu) “1”. My God..What a movie ! I am no fan of Mahesh Babu or Sukumar. In fact, I did my bit to demoralise Mahesh’s fans just out of some psychotic fervour. The film having released in the festive season, huge openings were expected and became the first Telugu film which was distributed by EROS. After the initial negative talk, which industry terms as mixed reviews I was very confident that the film would sink without a trace. But somewhere, I had the interest to watch the films as the visuals were rich and the director, Sukumar is one person who can handle Human emotions in a very effective manner connecting with the audience in a very unique manner in every attempt of his. Just now, I have come back after seeing this film and this film by far has been one of the most, in fact the best Telugu film I have seen . I seriously had no great respect for Mahesh Babu as an actor, as there have been no instances when he carried the film entirely on his shoulders unlike Pawan Kalyan, which I believed.


                The film entirely has been carried by four people. Sukumar, credit for out of the box story, amazing screenplay and brilliant direction which he handled it like a acrobat walking on a thin rope balancing the weight of the script without overdoing. Mahesh, the lead actor for having been able to do what it required. Trust me, even Pawan Kalyan could not have justified this role. DSP’s background music provides the perfect tone for each scene. Ratnevelu brings rich visuals to the film. All these make it a complete package.

                Do not go by reviews, including this one. I was expecting this kind of stuff from a Telugu Filmmaker and Sukumar just did that.  The film also brought back some of my kind of cliches which included a psychotic kiiling of the villain.



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