YO !

        Ah ! I open facebook every morning to see the random useless things from the people I subscribe to, which initially subjects me to a decent degree of irritation followed by a good feeling of being sensible in these weird generation or times.  Most pictures are selfie’s followed by some party pics, get togethers where most people endorse the “yo” culture. I was very much amused by this proliferation of Uncle Sam’s culture in our country where most people do not know how to make good effective use of toiler shower after nature calls.


        This rampant modernisation paved way to YO culture among Gen Y which, I believe is the root cause for various problems. Being the food good samaritan I am, i wished to do my bit to save this country. My research , I must say has produced some very interesting findings. The symbol “YO” as it is described by most youth has its origin in India in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu in 2000 A.D , and the people responsible for this is by and large the inhabitants of Tamil nadu and adjoining states for spreading the word, one Mr. Rajnikanth, a film actor and Mr. Suresh Krishna, a film director endorsing the same thorugh their much hyped film, Baba.


        The above graphic shows the first instance of the symbol being used during the film’s promotion which was touted to be a spiritual adventure, a first of its kind in Indian World Cinema. Being fans of the actor, most people including a lot of yuppies of the present generation tend to be focused on this spiritual journey during their time off.


          This YO culture has crept upon many souls and one certain Honey Singh is the self proclaimed successor who wishes to take it for generations with his latest musical offering . Viewers discretion is advised for this video especially for children.


       After all the truth was out, final and clear . “Yo”  encapsulates a spiritual journey and quest for knowledge, emphasizing the fact ” Known is a drop, Unknown is an ocean” and the following picture stands a testimony of the same.


       Undisclosed sources tell us that the latest offering of the same is in the form of a shaved head .


             Wishing that you get the best out of this spiritual journey, I take leave.


– Chumma Adirilla (Sivaji, 2007 A.D)



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