Holiday – My FOOT !!

        Today being Mahashivarathri, a Holiday is in to pamper my laziness. Unfortunately , some of the bottlenecks at workplace seem to be rolled off for which yet another Holiday of mine is sacrificed. Another way, I have called my parents casually, immediately my mother asks whether I’ve been to any temple today, added to that is the exam I have on saturday which is running in my subconscious mind. A holiday on paper need not necessarily be a holiday for myself.

            LIFE  !!!  I tell you,



Facebook Turns 10

Facebook is now ten years old. Happy Birthday Facebook. Thank you for having helped so many people get connected with their old friends.



Now that you have grown old enough, is it wise to expect some changes that suit the growing adults ? Applications that foster adult thinking even in adults who have not matured mentally . And kindly make everything come for a price on facebook, otherwise, we Indians would use facebook for releasing pre wedding photographs, pre wedding shortfilms, teasers of these shortfilms and making videos of these highly valuable content on a single platform like in a free market like the way we have been doing these things for every single occasion.