Conquering One’s worst fears

Personally, I think I am one classic example of voluntary inferiority complex until I met a transaction analyst(happened by chance) whose words had a sounding impact on my life. Life at a point for me among my peers was so bad that my thought process had hit a rock bottom with a dark opaque screen blocking my approach which I term it FEAR. After a few interactions with the transactional analyst, I felt that like many people, I have been living in an illusion called fear. Though he has not addressed me in person, it was a personality development session that I have attended some years back that I had come to a conclusion that I ve been living in an illusion called FEAR whose acronym was False Events Appearing Real.

It really feels happy to conquer one such fear before you are hit by it again. Like, one of my worst fears during my bachelors was that being jobless straight after college, which the society projects as a social taboo and being termed a failure by people around me  and these fears turned out to be true because I was kicked out of my first job and was jobless for good six months when I was given a lot of free advice by my well wishers which I hated to the core. And I also believed that I am not cut out for open competition for a job in an open market as the probability of getting a job is almost nil, given my competencies then, in such circumstances. But life treated me like a ball which was hit to the ground and I believe that I have bounced back to a decent height once I was hit the ground.

Yes, this is one more free advice blog.  Among many fears, the above was one that stood out. Which I think I have come up with a decent effort much to my happiness. Speaking from my heart, the confidence that you gain after conquering one such fear lays down the carpet and paves you to the world of opportunities to explore more. But one should have a fear of failure which is a compelling factor for good and diligent work.


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