True Inflation

In rather general terms, Inflation is something that has been unreasonably high. It is associated with Consumer goods and other daily essentials which have an overall higher expenditure if the prices are inflated. The inflation I am referring to are the facts in weddings where most of the things are inflated. These days, a prospective bride/bridegroom express their income in the form of Packages or Cost to Company which projects an unreasonably high figure of income, which makes the other party go gaga. Not all weddings are normal these days, most people want to have a fairytale wedding where they can post the videos from specialist wedding photographers(yeah, those good for nothing souls, who make a quick buck cashing in the hype of Indian weddings and the foolishness of the bride and bridegroom) and who after seeing their pictures continue to live in a perfect illusion that by far their life partner is the best , which defies the law of nature.

Yesterday, our office was graced by the presence of this Lady, who earlier worked in our branch and is now working in Karnataka. She had come to the nearby town to attend a wedding and will have to take a train to get back to her place. After the usual introductions and pleasantries exchanged, she was in conversation with our staff .  After sometime, she asked about my whereabouts , where do I take food, about my family and the next obvious question , if I am married. I told her that I am single . She reverted that she has a son of my age working in an MNC in Begumpet, Hyderabad who is earning 1.5 Lakh. I was in particular, amazed that a young chap of my age, was earning 5  times of what I do, for a pay packet that even Royal Bank of Scotland would not offer for a ISB grad of 5 years experience. Immediately, it stuck to me whether it was per year or for a month. But sense prevailed and I was reminded of


People I tell you, would go to any extent, in embellishing facts, without having to establish them.

Would like to throw some light on the difference between Cost to Company and Take Home salary.


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Definitely not the right time

Definitely not the right time to blog. The reason being one of the professional exams slated for tomorrow, I must be preparing for the examination. These days, during the summer, thought process has reached a saturation and I am hardly using any part of the brain. Nothing, apart from money and investments have been of any interest to me. Though I have a  job whose stress levels are comparatively low , I have been time and again reminded physically that I am pushing myself to the threshold, which is having a reverberating effect on my mind.

Bad dreams, fears have catapulted to a new high like the present stock market . Few of my friends generally share their problems and used to seek some mental strength from my words earlier. But looks like, I don’t qualify to advise people. Frustration levels were at all time high, after the recent mishaps, I have been telling myself to calm down. Though I can see very little progress, I have to do it consistently.

But I always believe that time heals everything. I could just see time is doing that for me . Like the way the engine of an overused automobile needs to be re bored, my mind has to be de bored.

Will have to push until I get my momentum back.  One good week and probably, I will be back. Yeah..I will be back.