Definitely not the right time

Definitely not the right time to blog. The reason being one of the professional exams slated for tomorrow, I must be preparing for the examination. These days, during the summer, thought process has reached a saturation and I am hardly using any part of the brain. Nothing, apart from money and investments have been of any interest to me. Though I have a  job whose stress levels are comparatively low , I have been time and again reminded physically that I am pushing myself to the threshold, which is having a reverberating effect on my mind.

Bad dreams, fears have catapulted to a new high like the present stock market . Few of my friends generally share their problems and used to seek some mental strength from my words earlier. But looks like, I don’t qualify to advise people. Frustration levels were at all time high, after the recent mishaps, I have been telling myself to calm down. Though I can see very little progress, I have to do it consistently.

But I always believe that time heals everything. I could just see time is doing that for me . Like the way the engine of an overused automobile needs to be re bored, my mind has to be de bored.

Will have to push until I get my momentum back.  One good week and probably, I will be back. Yeah..I will be back.



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