RULES – necessity of Indians

I am not a sensitive person who becomes emotional , I am kind of rigid hearted person, who doesn’t succumb crying or other things. Today when I had to browse the newspaper in the morning, horrific images of the school bus hit by a train were all around which created a sense of deep sense of sadness and sympathy for the school children who were the victims of the accident.  I just came home and the feeling of ..I cant explain it..something deep is running back of my mind, feeling very sorry for the school children. Cannot imagine the plight of the parents for whom their kids were everything in life.

To all those reading this, I urge to follow rules . Rules are meant to ease our life , and inculcate discipline thereby causing less or no harm to our fellow beings, after all we are all social animals living in an ecosystem. For all those, of the GenY flashy youngsters, who are the torchbearers of  ” Rules are meant to be broken” attitude, GROW UP!!! Indians need it badly.


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