Forgone Habits

Seven years back, when I was in college, I was considered as a student who knows English pretty well, and rated well above the others in terms of English. I carried that hangover over a few years thereby establishing myself as an egoistic , non learnable idiot having no enthusiasm to learn . Thanks to my job, where I need not utter a single word of english and still manage to complete all the interactions required so far. After this three year stint, I can proudly say that I have lost the little bit of English that I used be proud of in the past. Reading books is a habit bygone , and movies have given a much abridged and entertaining interpretation.

Today, I pretty much tremble speaking in English to anyone . Conversations in English are no longer pleasant and they do not boost my confidence(ego) like it used to do earlier. Should seriously get back to talking in English and change my direction of thinking. Looks like my honeymoon period(in my job) is getting over and should get ready for some serious work , which should put me across difficult situations and should help me grow in my career.


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