2014 – A Futile Year

When I look back at 2014, I did nothing. Nothing. Mind was in a state of confusion/trance/illusion , whatever that describes best.I remember 2013 as the year when I practically took steps in becoming a serious movie buff. 2014 was a step forward, in that direction. None apart from movies, has made life interesting for me. I finally surrendered my philosophy of not using a smartphone and eventually became a slave of one. This year saw me buy a good number of gadgets to my brother, dad , mother and a few friends. Some things which I should have done long back like taking health insurance for entire family, did not materialise. I generally make it a point to remember a bygone year in the name of an event. Like 2007 was the year of T20 WC for India, 2011 was the year I enjoyed my first full salary 2012 was a learning year. 2013 was the year I loved the movie ” The Girl with the Dragon tattoo”. 2014 definitely belonged to ” The Prestige”. Thanks to Modi becoming the PM of India, market sentiment has improved and my demat account statement showed me six digit figure in 2014. Studies have remained as enigmatic as they were , teasing me with the been there, almost there syndrome. Nothing has changed apart from a few good memories and fewer bad ones. Not to forget that I did not read a single novel this year.

Spring starts and the new season for optimism too. Hopeful of hope for good better times.