Of late, I have been into blogging and after repeated attempts to change the look ( of course with the few themes that wordpress offers), my blog is still looking awkward. But more than the look , its the content that needs to have a kick. I feel I’m posting some useless posts as dumb as I’m and I still expect readers to peek into my blog regularly. This is nothing but mere perspiration from inspiration.

I’ve read quite a number of blogs that can be read and at least one post which makes the readers interesting , but my content looks like absolute shit. You may wonder why this muter is writing all this shit? Just because I wanted to be more clear about what I write in my blog.

I think this is the second time I’m yelling about substance and content of writing and I still feel like a writer.

Of late Ive realized that I came close to being a leader in a group of fools rather than being an idiot in a group of if not greats atleast good fellows.

Thats what failure means to me not clear about what someone does for himself as I do , but still think of myself as a champion of game.

This is shit …absolute shit

Really felt p***ed off.