The Cream and Scum of Blogging

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Man, being a social and selfish animal tends to do something in which he feels is beneficial to him emotionally, economically and socially .Blogging is no different and has its share of pros and cons. A few of the benefits that we get by blogging are :

  1. Quenching your emotional thirst to express a thing or two : Most of us, in the circumstances we live in, don’t get the opportunity to express things we feel worthy of expressing due to various reasons . Blogging helps the person to express things of concern, relieving him emotionally and quenches his thirst of expression. This paves the way for good emotional intelligence.
  2. Sense of pride of being called a “Blogger” :  There is a sense of pride being called a Blogger or an Author. Who doesn’t want to be stroked ( strictly in psychological terms ) when there is a great sense of pride when our posts are read by others and acknowledged in the form of comments. There’s a saying “ There is a book in every person” and a blog lets it out.
  3. Blogs are learning resources :  Blogs are great sources of information. We get to read a lot of reviews and experiences of fellow bloggers who belong to our peer group in this otherwise small world. As strange as it may sound, my experience in blog search was more rewarding when compared to the normal web search. e-learning is said to be the next big thing and blogs are not far. People who are proficient in a particular field tend to give some useful tips to their readers , in a way they are educating their readers.So,blogs are great sources of information.
  4. Great tool for advertising : A blog is an informal site.Having a blog is the in-thing for any enterprise in the present world. I remember reading an article in a leading National daily that blogs might be the next big thing in getting employment offers and getting performance appraisals. Days are not far when blogs become the visage of an aspirant to a prospective employer. Like an interview, a blog ( a video blog in some cases ) would help the employer look for the suitable incumbent.
  5. Offer a piece of revenue : This is one thing that most bloggers look for . Revenue from blogs in the form of advertising, domain hosting would fetch a piece of revenue and is otherwise looked as easy money . So, blogging is financially rewarding. 
  6. Rewarding Hobby :  Blogging helps people develop a knack of expressing things.Blogs reward people with recognition and thereby improves the blogger’s writing skills .With time, blogs tend to be humorous and satirical  entertaining the readers .

Like the two sides of a coin, there are some cons associated with blogging which are aptly termed Scum of Blogging.

  1. Defamation : Blogging gives a freedom of expression. As a result , a disturbed blogger could go to the extent of defaming any institution or a person.  And blogs could be the cause of animosity between two people and they could even spark off a revolt . A saying goes “ A wise person is one who speaks right, listens right and more importantly acts right” . Likewise, a good blogger is one who blogs right .
  2. Usage of Un-parliamentary language : A good percent of Gen-X feel that usage of abusive language is the in-thing .And films which are R-rated tend to be most successful, courtesy : Un-parliamentary language.Bloggers expressing things of concern in their anguish, tends to be harsh in their language which is not ethical by any means.
  3. Posting pirated content : Piracy is looked down at all levels as it is the unethical and indiscriminate usage of intellectual property. It may result in the dangerous situation of not being able to get good content at all in the future.So, posting pirated content in the blogs to attract more hits for revenue is a strict No.
  4. Miscellaneous reasons: Monotony and addiction to blogs are the other side effects of blogging . Readers read blogs to get entertained or to get a piece of information that’s beneficial to them. Unfortunately, Bloggers like me write some big essays in the most bland language as a result of which readers tend to experience a bit, infact lot of monotony in reading the blogs. And on the other hand,as good a blog can be, people tend to get addicted to it and expect a post every other day giving the reader a lot of despair for expecting too much from the blogger.

             This is my perception about the Cream and Scum of Blogs. It would not be right if I don’t thank Blog-a-Ton for coming up with an idea reminding bloggers to feed blogs once in a while.I would appreciate their generosity if they accept my blog as an eligible entry ,even after having got to read the dumbest of the blogs (mine)  . Even if they don’t, I thank them for coming up with this idea,for this blog being my only avocation in the recent past. Please pardon the monotonous tone of the post,but do point out the grammatical mistakes as that would help me become a better blogger.

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