New Found Love

Definitely not the love you are thinking right now. Testing times as far as new love is concerned. The love I’m referring here is the selfless towards automobiles that I have. It has been always been one of my fantasies to go for a long drive, with absolutely no tensions in the mind and travel the road endlessly in the company of people with great conversations, fun and food to some place, where the destination does not matter, but the journey does.

The self proclaimed moto maniac I am , I used to follow good number of amateur amateur turned professional websites like team bhp and others where I can kill time with reviews, and other stuff catering to the like minded fraternity. One of the interesting feature I have discovered was the travelogues section where people blog about their journeys in their much loved vehicles, the photos of the journeys are the real feast taking you across the paths unknown. It has been one of the sites that I have followed with great interest almost getting immersed in their travel the time I start reading them.

This is the place where I am spending much of my time, and it has given me great satisfaction. Hopefully, one day I will buy a car of my choice and will write travelogues with such engaging  pics.


Road trip to Ananthagiri – Vikarabad

Feels great. Festive mood not sunk in completely. Four days at home which means four good days of Home food and great time  this Sankranthi. Initially, we(My father, mother, myself and my brother) planned a trip to Warangal, which is about 170 kms form Hyderabad. Planned for an overnight stay, but we had a different treat this time. After my cousin’s son birthday party at Village in Inorbit Mall(More about this later), I wanted to show my parents the road leading to financial district in Gachibowli , hyderabad that housed Infosys, ISB, Microsoft, ICICI tower and to name a few. My parents were just spellbound after being through the extremely well planned part of Hyderabad. My father at that time proposed that instead of taking two day trip to Warangal, we should go to Ananthagiri , In vikarabad. I was very Happy as I would want to sleep in my home whenever I am in hyderabad so that saved a good night’s sleep during the festival.

On 12th January, a bright sunday, after having a light breakfast we set out for Ananthagiri at 8.30AM with packed Pulihora(tamarind Rice) and Daddhojanam(Curd Rice) to have at some place during the journey amidst the nature( kind of a picnic meal). Traversed along Shivrampally, and took the road along PVNR till pillar no 156, we took a left and reached gandipet road leading to Vikarabad. Reached the temple  by 10.45 AM. Had darshan and prasadam. Been through the steps downwards and had a good view leading to the thick forest of Vikarabad. Spent a good 45 minutes in the temple, my parents keen about knowing more about this temple when I was keen on prasadam. Started our way back at 12 Noon and felt really good to see the number of vegetable vendors by the road from Vikarabad to Chevella. We saw a person selling Vegetables which seemed very fresh nearby a small stall which and we bought a good quantity of vegetables enough for one week. He plucked out Gongura(I do not know the English name) form the ground and gave us which was one of its kind.

After travelling for some more time, we stopped by a tree shade and had our lunch. On our way back, we took ORR(Outer Ring Road) at Himayatsagar entry and I was extremely happy for having got the chance to drive on the ORR quite frequently. Also had the opportunity to drive a brand new Swift Dzire VDi of my friend Laxmi Narasimha. To me, the ride quality of Swift Dzire comes close to that of Honda City. Well, spare me some more time for the pics. Overall, a mentally, physically , emotionally satisfying weekend.