YO !

        Ah ! I open facebook every morning to see the random useless things from the people I subscribe to, which initially subjects me to a decent degree of irritation followed by a good feeling of being sensible in these weird generation or times.  Most pictures are selfie’s followed by some party pics, get togethers where most people endorse the “yo” culture. I was very much amused by this proliferation of Uncle Sam’s culture in our country where most people do not know how to make good effective use of toiler shower after nature calls.


        This rampant modernisation paved way to YO culture among Gen Y which, I believe is the root cause for various problems. Being the food good samaritan I am, i wished to do my bit to save this country. My research , I must say has produced some very interesting findings. The symbol “YO” as it is described by most youth has its origin in India in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu in 2000 A.D , and the people responsible for this is by and large the inhabitants of Tamil nadu and adjoining states for spreading the word, one Mr. Rajnikanth, a film actor and Mr. Suresh Krishna, a film director endorsing the same thorugh their much hyped film, Baba.


        The above graphic shows the first instance of the symbol being used during the film’s promotion which was touted to be a spiritual adventure, a first of its kind in Indian World Cinema. Being fans of the actor, most people including a lot of yuppies of the present generation tend to be focused on this spiritual journey during their time off.


          This YO culture has crept upon many souls and one certain Honey Singh is the self proclaimed successor who wishes to take it for generations with his latest musical offering . Viewers discretion is advised for this video especially for children.


       After all the truth was out, final and clear . “Yo”  encapsulates a spiritual journey and quest for knowledge, emphasizing the fact ” Known is a drop, Unknown is an ocean” and the following picture stands a testimony of the same.


       Undisclosed sources tell us that the latest offering of the same is in the form of a shaved head .


             Wishing that you get the best out of this spiritual journey, I take leave.


– Chumma Adirilla (Sivaji, 2007 A.D)



My First, Last and Only Movie Review – “1”

                 After reading this post of mine, my readers and myself opine that I am not cut for movie reviews. All changed with the Movie(Telugu) “1”. My God..What a movie ! I am no fan of Mahesh Babu or Sukumar. In fact, I did my bit to demoralise Mahesh’s fans just out of some psychotic fervour. The film having released in the festive season, huge openings were expected and became the first Telugu film which was distributed by EROS. After the initial negative talk, which industry terms as mixed reviews I was very confident that the film would sink without a trace. But somewhere, I had the interest to watch the films as the visuals were rich and the director, Sukumar is one person who can handle Human emotions in a very effective manner connecting with the audience in a very unique manner in every attempt of his. Just now, I have come back after seeing this film and this film by far has been one of the most, in fact the best Telugu film I have seen . I seriously had no great respect for Mahesh Babu as an actor, as there have been no instances when he carried the film entirely on his shoulders unlike Pawan Kalyan, which I believed.


                The film entirely has been carried by four people. Sukumar, credit for out of the box story, amazing screenplay and brilliant direction which he handled it like a acrobat walking on a thin rope balancing the weight of the script without overdoing. Mahesh, the lead actor for having been able to do what it required. Trust me, even Pawan Kalyan could not have justified this role. DSP’s background music provides the perfect tone for each scene. Ratnevelu brings rich visuals to the film. All these make it a complete package.

                Do not go by reviews, including this one. I was expecting this kind of stuff from a Telugu Filmmaker and Sukumar just did that.  The film also brought back some of my kind of cliches which included a psychotic kiiling of the villain.


Road trip to Ananthagiri – Vikarabad

Feels great. Festive mood not sunk in completely. Four days at home which means four good days of Home food and great time  this Sankranthi. Initially, we(My father, mother, myself and my brother) planned a trip to Warangal, which is about 170 kms form Hyderabad. Planned for an overnight stay, but we had a different treat this time. After my cousin’s son birthday party at Village in Inorbit Mall(More about this later), I wanted to show my parents the road leading to financial district in Gachibowli , hyderabad that housed Infosys, ISB, Microsoft, ICICI tower and to name a few. My parents were just spellbound after being through the extremely well planned part of Hyderabad. My father at that time proposed that instead of taking two day trip to Warangal, we should go to Ananthagiri , In vikarabad. I was very Happy as I would want to sleep in my home whenever I am in hyderabad so that saved a good night’s sleep during the festival.

On 12th January, a bright sunday, after having a light breakfast we set out for Ananthagiri at 8.30AM with packed Pulihora(tamarind Rice) and Daddhojanam(Curd Rice) to have at some place during the journey amidst the nature( kind of a picnic meal). Traversed along Shivrampally, and took the road along PVNR till pillar no 156, we took a left and reached gandipet road leading to Vikarabad. Reached the temple  by 10.45 AM. Had darshan and prasadam. Been through the steps downwards and had a good view leading to the thick forest of Vikarabad. Spent a good 45 minutes in the temple, my parents keen about knowing more about this temple when I was keen on prasadam. Started our way back at 12 Noon and felt really good to see the number of vegetable vendors by the road from Vikarabad to Chevella. We saw a person selling Vegetables which seemed very fresh nearby a small stall which and we bought a good quantity of vegetables enough for one week. He plucked out Gongura(I do not know the English name) form the ground and gave us which was one of its kind.

After travelling for some more time, we stopped by a tree shade and had our lunch. On our way back, we took ORR(Outer Ring Road) at Himayatsagar entry and I was extremely happy for having got the chance to drive on the ORR quite frequently. Also had the opportunity to drive a brand new Swift Dzire VDi of my friend Laxmi Narasimha. To me, the ride quality of Swift Dzire comes close to that of Honda City. Well, spare me some more time for the pics. Overall, a mentally, physically , emotionally satisfying weekend.

Status Quo – 2

One of the few good things that has happened in the recent past is the insecurity that has loomed over after I have managed to clear two of the three papers in my professional examinations. Insecurity after passing an exam? ..Yes..it is. Only because of the fact that the new entrants to the organization, my juniors to be precise we able to clear all those which took me a good one year to complete did that in a jiffy, which other wise is a herculean task. Just after I heard the news, I thought that the evaluation must have become very liberal, then it stuck me that it is only because of the liberal evaluation that I have managed to pass the two papers. Yes, the creeping insecurity, I thought should become an impetus for me putting in more effort for my exams scheduled sometime next month. But it made me delete most of the movies in my laptop to create a self constructed boundary of discipline. Neither has helped me to take the next step forward ,  I am alone to be blamed for not having put enough effort to overcome the complacency.

Have bumped on a question in quora which goes this way ” What is the best or the worst thing that has happened to you?”. I have read a good number of answers and some very good ones among them. What stood out in every experience or the answer rather is the fact that every success has come after failure . Hence, failure and success both should be recognised for a better tomorrow. Other miscallenous things include my rants on facebook showoffs, movie reviews which definitely are keepinge to me occupied for the day and helping me realise the importance of not being overly active on facebook or any social networking site rather. Not to forget the small drive to Shamshabad airport on my brother;s bike, a Yamaha FZ 16 which made me immensely happy after having got to gaze on a gamut of new cars that made their way to airport.